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Cadbury’s legal ‘Cease and Desist’ notification
WGA have many options to help you deal with this!

  • Cadbury (MDLZ) Operator Agreements
  • Standard WGA Operator Agreements
  • 3 month amnesty from MDLZ legal action for operators on either the above agreements.
  • Subsidised replacement “Cadbury” decals (based on std Chocolate Factory) –  $130 per full set
  • Subsidised replacement generic decals (based on std Chocolate Factory) – $130 per full set
  • Fitting of replacement decals by you or us at the WGA factory or your location
  • Australia’s cheapest Cadbury chocolates from 0.16c
  • Or trade your machine in against a new Chocolate Factory or Cadbury Chocolate Crane (base or DLX model) from only $3995.00 with generous trade in values.

Don’t panic… Win n Grin are aware of the ramping up of MDLZ action in relation to the ongoing and longstanding unauthorised Cadbury decals on chocolate cranes issue and have been working hard for months to help our customers resolve this issue.
Once and for all, here are the easy answers, fixes and fantastic opportunities we have in store for you.

Being the trusted name in the industry, Win n Grin have now finally signed a Cadbury MDLZ contract to “exclusively” supply both “Cadbury” branded machines and replacement Cadbury decals with the only “CADBURY” licensed machine in the Australian market – other machines such as “Crunchie”, “Picnic” etc are sub brands of Cadbury, rather than the primary “Cadbury” brand.
Win n Grin have just received confirmation from MDLZ lawyers that Win n Grin customers entering either a Win n Grin operating agreement (with big benefits – see some below) or a Win n Grin/MDLZ (Cadbury) agreement are given a 90 day amnesty from any MDLZ actions.

  • Win n Grin / MDLZ crane machine operator agreements:
  • WGA/MDLZ Cadbury Operator agreement (for the rights to purchase and use Cadbury decals and/or machines).
  • Reduced cost replacement Cadbury decals @$130 per full set (based on Std Cadbury Crane size).
  • Reduced ongoing cost of Cadbury chocolates as low as 16c.


  • WGA “Operating Standards” using Cadbury Stocks
  • Simplified agreement.
  • WGA generic “Chocolate Factory” replacement decals – $130 (based on Std Chocolate Factory).
  • Reduced on going Cadbury chocolates a low as 16c.
  • Cannot use MDLZ branding.
  • Promise to remove any unauthorised MDLZ branding.
  • Minimum 90% Cadbury stock lines in your generic Chocolate Factory machine (conditions apply).

Cadbury chocolates

Approximate Cadbury chocolate pricing:

  • Costco prices (including extra small Dairy Milks – too small)  around $0.19c
  • Woolies & Coles “on promotion” Share Bag pricing around $0.20c
  • Win n Grin (an industry changing – whopper!) around $0.16c
  • That’s around a 26% saving on other’s prices.

cadbury decal

Replacement Cadbury Decals:

Full set of high quality vinyl decals: only $130 (based on Std Chocolate Factory size).

Choice of either replacement WGA Chocolate Factory or authorised “Cadbury” decals, subject to entering a Cadbury usage agreement.
No complications of rebates against decal sets and the likes from some other possible sources – just a straight forward straight talking and transparent $130 bucks a set for the usual WGA quality.

So, how do you replace your old Cadbury decals?

WGA supply you with the decals, the trade tools (inexpensive) and a step by step “how to” video and stills.

No time to do it yourself? then more options for you:
Send your machine up to us and we will do it for you – $350 exc gst plus the decals
If you like, while we have your machine, we can service it and replace any advisable/necessary parts for you.
Gather your machines in one location and we will send a third party team down to do it for you – $450 per machine plus decals, based on 5 machines.

Trade your machine in against a new WGA Chocolate Factory or Cadbury Crane (subject to Cadbury agreement) at the amazing price of from $3,950.00. (plus generous trade in values available)  on our base model Chocolate Factory and Cadbury machines, manufactured according to WGA design. Usual WGA warranties apply. 
Trade your machine against a new WGA Chocolate Factory Dlx or Cadbury Dlx at $6995.00 (generous trade in values also available) Dlx models manufactured at WGA in Australia. Usual WGA warranties apply
Trade in your machine against a refurbished WGA Chocolate Factory – pending on availability.


So, there you have it… many options to resolve any Cadbury decal issue and the beginning of Win n Grin’s new launch with industry changing product and machine concepts.

chocolate factory dlx

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Cadbury Crane