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Costco’s 110 piece chocolate box mix and price unwrapped

“You know nearly half the Costco chocolate box mix is made up with the smaller and lesser cost Dairy Milk and also Turkish Delight bars – approximately 52 pieces out of the 110 total count, which is around 47% of the box quantity.” Dairy Milk is the cheapest Cadbury line used, therefore Costco use a disproportionately higher number of Dairy Milk in their box mix to reduce the box cost. Dairy Milk to Win n Grin operators is around only 14.6c you know. (Costco average price = 21c).

At an average mix cost of only 19.6c, Win n Grin’s price is actually already cheaper than the heavily concentrated Dairy Milk Costco box average price of 21c, for their box of 110 pieces… if you were to adopt the Costco mix for your machines with Win n Grin chocolates, your average piece cost price would drop over a further cent to around 18.4c. However, this mix is not ideal for your chocolate cranes and sales would likely suffer.

Costco box price $22.89 for 110 pieces (including large quantity of Dairy Milk) = average 21c

Win n Grin average piece price using proportionately correctly one full bulk box of each line in your mix = 19.6c

Win n Grin Operator approximate piece pricing:

Dairy Milk
Cherry Ripe