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Craneosaurus Prize Every Time

Proven to be even stronger and just as long lasting as our famous ‘Chocolate Factory’. This concept was embraced 20 years ago in the UK market.

WGA say “wanna double the site revenue that you currently earn from your Chocolate Factory?”
High perceived customer/player value for money with this genuine “prize every time” amusement vending crane dispensing specially WGA sourced high perceived value for money kids toys at $2 per play.
Toys come in premixed boxes of 1150 with an assortment of around 30 different types at only 60c each (plus gst), all you have to do is pour them into the machine – no BB dates or heat damage etc to worry about, it’s really easy!

Plush prizes for cranes and vending

Double your site revenue by placing one of these Craneosaurus machines adjacent to your chocolate machine.

Stocks $0.60c plus gst… vending price $2


prizestock prizestock

craneosaurus dlx What do operators say: Rowland and Liesa: “Having been associated with Win n Grin from their inception over 20 years ago I can personally validate the quality, attention to detail and ongoing assistance I have been accorded over this period. Now they have stepped up yet again with a whole new stream of incredible revenue raising amusement machines. One of which ” The Craneosaurus” I was lucky enough to get first crack at and how exceptional it was. Could not recommend more highly. Thank you to Alan, Paul and all the courteous staff at WGA“.
Regards Rowland and Liesa (operator)Bret Wilson: “I knew the concept would work as obvious that the hotel owners and customers would go for the value for money the stock represents – don’t know how Win n Grin can sell at the price – my machines are averaging $400 per week“. Bret Wilson (operator)


Parklands Tavern Brightwater Hotel

What do hotel owners say who love the value for money and happy customers:

Scott Armstrong (owner of the prestigious Sunshine Coast group of hotels) Parklands Tavern & Brightwater Hotel.We are very happy with these toy vending cranes as they represent excellent value for money for our family patrons… makes a change from the old fashioned skill testers that my patrons never actually win anything from“.
Scott Armstrong

Star Hotels David Hedditch (Commercial Manager, Star Hotels) Star Hotels operate 11 hotels in QueenslandWe have the Craneosaurus prize every time machine concept in most of our hotels. These machines are certainly a breath of fresh air from the usual toy skill tester machines that our customers seldom seem to win on. The benefits of this concept to our customers and therefore Star Hotels are somewhat obvious, in that as every child wins a toy and feels a winner, it conveys the message of strong customer value for money, which is something that is in keeping with Star Hotels philosophy. I would recommend this concept“. David Hedditch