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Income Opportunities

“Have Fun And Earn Money While You Play”.

So you’re seeking an income supplement or income opportunity with limited work, minimal financial outlay and maximum profit?  You’re in the right spot if you want to provide hours of fun for everyone and generate near effortless income for yourself and family.
This is how it works:

  • You purchase one or more of our games.
  • Secure a good placement (we can advise on locating your machine/s).
  • Fill the machine regularly.
  • Start generating revenue.

That’s it. Oh, and one more thing, Win ‘n’ Grin machines literally make money while you sleep. Our popular range of cash booths, skill testers and chocolate factories will always be a crowd pleaser.

It’s time to start working smarter – not harder, Win N Grin is the income solution you’ve been looking for.

This business really is all fun and games and it’s also highly profitable too!  You’ve just found a business opportunity that puts you in control of your time, income and lifestyle.

Most operators only work 10-15 hours weekly attending to game machine prize restocking, cleaning and cash collection.

With Win ‘n’ Grin, you can grow your business at your own pace and to any level you want. With our quality games, you don’t need a shop or experience to make money, you just need access to one square metre of space in a tavern, hotel, take away, cinema…..almost anywhere there is foot traffic and the desire to make money!

Our cash booths, skill testers, chocolate factories etc.…. will make you money around the clock.

Most established business opportunities come with sizable fees, but not Win ‘n’ Grin.

With WGA, there are no franchise or licensing fees and no reduction to your monthly profits through royalty payments etc.  Once you’ve purchased your machine, you own it outright and can enjoy a solid personal income stream or setup a business for your partner or children to own and operate.

There really is no easier way to make money while you live your everyday life, play and sleep. Win ‘n’ Grin is a business persons dream come true and the opportunity you’ve been waiting for with a “silent sales force” as big or as small as you wish.

Our quality made cash booths, plush cranes, Cyclone and Skill Testers are only the start, as we are Australian owned, we can custom make your arcade machine right here in Logan, Queensland.

We have income opportunities for businesses and individuals and offer both purchase and event rental options to suit those looking for supplementary income as well as to assist individuals and businesses wanting to create a main income stream.

To speak to one of our experienced sales or hire specialists, call on 07 5563 1800. We’d love to assist you in launching your own business.

When you buy or rent from WGA, you’re guaranteed and assured of the highest quality made games.

Our cranes are industry renowned and recognised for their superior quality, reliability and performance, so you can concentrate on having fun and making money without the hassle of constant game repair and down time. Our cash booths and other machines are made locally so our team in Logan have a fast turn-around.

Because we’re Aussie owned, when you buy from us you get company backup and assistance that is second to none – WGA are known to be the best in the industry as regards our machines, back up and ongoing assistance.

In fact, you know….any second hand win n grin product usually sells for more than half of their purchase price – even after 10 years of service because we really do pay attention to manufacturing detail, quality and performance – again, the WGA product is known for this quality and any existing operator knows the value of even used WGA machines.

Win ‘n’ Grin is a sound investment opportunity, backed by quality of product, service and unbeatable product support.

We’re so confident in the quality of our machines that we guarantee everything, so you know your game will last and last, leaving you with a reliable, financially lucrative machine business and hugely reduced running problems. And if you do ever need assistance with your machine, our complete aftersales service means no matter where you are, we’re just a phone call away!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to become financially free – Start earning money now with Win N Grin Games!

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