1/10 Maiella St., Stapylton, Queensland, 4207

Win n Grin’s Mini Craneosaurus & Bounceroo Vending (prize every time) cranes

Bounceroo and mini craneosaurus

$3,950.00 plus gst

Perhaps surprisingly to some, these do very well

Available in classic artwork or new “Bounceroo” artwork

Premixed boxes of 1300 super balls
ready to vend at $1
$331.50 plus gst

bouncy balls

(That’s a 25% cost of sale)

1000 * assorted premium 32 mm super balls
140 * assorted premium 45mm super balls
160 * assorted premium 49mm 3D super balls
1,300 super balls


Download the Bounceroo  and Mini Cranesaurus brochure

Watch the Bounceroo and Mini Craneosaurus video