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About Us

Win n Grin are at the top of their game when it comes to skill tester, vending cranes, crane and grab machines, amusement machines, arcade machines, cash and money blower booths for hire, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machines. Proudly introducing new and exciting claw machines, grabber machines, and other amusement machines along with our evergreen classics, to keep the industry exciting and fresh.

As industry leaders, we offer quality Australian manufactured claw machines, grab machines, vending cranes, skill testers, cash and money blower booths for hire, arcade machines amusement machines, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machine each with its own warranty. Many of our clients choose our machines over alternative amusement machines because of their reliability and our commitment to provide excellent customer service including our legendary technical support. For more information call us on 1300 092 547.

Income Opportunities – Launch Your Own Business with Us

Why not work with us and spread the fun & joy of Win n Grin machines while making an almost effortless income? Simply purchase one (or more) of our affordable quality claw machines, skill testers, vending cranes, crane machines, arcade machines, amusement machines, money blower machines for hire, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machines and place them in appropriate venues anywhere in New South Wales. We can even advise you on suitable venues, which include establishments such as, hotels, clubs, pubs, RSL’s, take-aways, food retailers, bowling centres, cinemas, family friendly bistros, offices and factories.

If you don’t like selling, then this is a great opportunity for you! With this business model, you don’t need to sell, you simply offer a hassle free no cost service to local businesses. Amusement machines, arcade machines, skill testers, vending cranes, grabber machines, claw machines, cash and money blower booths for hire, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machines offer a fun and interactive way to keep patrons on site, and for a business that already has a kid’s games room, our unique and fun machines can make a fresh addition to complete the room.

Once you have chosen and purchased your machines, it’s yours to use to generate yourself a steady almost-passive income stream. We don’t take any licensing fees or franchising fees, the income generated by your machine is 100% yours’ less of course the stock cost and the venue owners commission.

Then once you have sourced a location for your machine(s) your job is simply to make sure the machine is well stocked, kept clean, and collect your cash. Ideally, you should do this with regular weekly checks or less often for quieter venues. This type of business gives you time flexibility so you can manage your own time as you wish.

We have all the top performing and classic grab machines, claw machines, arcade machines, vending cranes, arcade machines, amusement machines, cash and money blower machines for hire, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machines for vending and dispensing chocolates, candies, toys, bouncy balls, and licenced soft plush toys. As your business grows, you can easily expand by purchasing another machine for another venue and so on. This is a highly scalable business opportunity which means you can grow your business as big as you wish.

If you’re over hard work, we’ll show you a smarter way to generate an income. Call us on 1300 092 547 for an obligation free chat about how we can help you build a sustainable business in your home state of New South Wales.

Revenue or profit share from our machines.

Win n Grin will place any of our exciting and proven range of arcade machines, amusement machines, skill testers, grab machines, claw machines, cash booths, LolliPots vending machines and Lolli Tubz vending machines in your venue(s) at absolutely no cost or effort what so ever to the cost, all you need is a spare square meter of floor space to earn an incremental revenue share. There really is no catch, no fee and no hassle with absolutely nothing to lose.

Rent or hire Our amusement arcade Machines and cash and money blower machines:

For functions, festivals, conferences, events, and trade shows we offer the convenience of being able to rent a machine. If you’re a club manager, network host, or event organiser call us to discuss the best options available to add value and entertainment to your event. Our games offer fun for all ages and if your event attracts kids and families, you can keep everyone happy and generate and income at the same time!  Nothing beats our cash or money blower machines for promotional launches and parties.

About Our Machines

All our machines are made to give long term reliability. Our machines hold their value, even our 15-year-old used amusement machines, arcade machines, skill testers and grabber machines still command 50% of the current new prices.  Shipping time is typically between 24 hours and 4 days and we can deliver to your door or you can arrange your own collection through a transport hub.

Here are some of our top selling machines:

  • Chocolate Factory skill tester

If you’re looking for an affordable proven winner to entertain your patrons, look no further than this coin operated classic invented 20 years ago and still going strong. Many optional extras hat allow you to tailor your machine specifically to your requirements.

  • You Choose Crane

Our You Choose crane skill tester game gives the operator the flexibility to offer different products inside the same cabinet, which means the player has a choice of prizes and differing price points per either side. These custom features give the player a more satisfying and exciting experience.

  • Cyclone cash or money blower machine for hire:

When you want to attract the crowd’s attention at your next celebration, product launch or promotion, the Cyclone cash/money blower is a great way to do it.  Engagement and interaction are what this machine can do for your event as it’s very popular with all ages. Your guests will love stepping into this machine for the chance to grab some cash!

  • Mini Craneosaurus and Bounceroo amusement cranes and skill testers

At only $1 per play, this evergreen value for money winner gives a prize every time, giving it a high perceived value for each play. We source the super bouncy balls for you and pack them in cases of 1000 balls, ready for you to pour into your machine and start earning.

  • LolliPots and Lolli Tubz vending machines

Super reliable mechanically operated mini vending machines dispensing an exciting array of lolli’s, Pringles chips and other favourites.

  • Many other fantastic amusement machine and arcade machine concepts, including
  • Craneosaurus prize every time skill tester

Where the player is always assured of a value for money prize every time, ensuring very succesfull sales and repeat customer sales levels.

  • The Cyclone cash and money blower….. watch the player trying to grab the flying cash or vouchers as they whirl around inside the Cyclone cash blower.
  • Cadbury Chocolate crane and skilltester.
  • Bounceroo prize every time skill tester / grabber machine.

A fantastic new amusement vending crane concept where every player is a winner of a terrific value for money prize every time toys. Watch the kid’s faces light up at your venue as they actually win and then watch the parents pleasure at their kids excitement.

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