1/10 Maiella St., Stapylton, Queensland, 4207

Due to our populairty Win n grin Games are in operation over over Australia. Our games are built to last, however a lot of games may have old power supplies that could cause issues.

Some issues are: · Rejection of coins intermittently which result in customers walking away from the game having not spent the total they may have and leaving with a poor experience of the machine.

  • Resetting of the game board and crane giving the appearance of a machine taking a customer’s money and not giving credits.
  • Errors in game operation
  •  Note reader’s failure to operate and not accepting notes
  • Damage to machine components with possible expensive repairs or replacements that would have been avoided.

The game boards require above 5 volts to operate correctly and older power units will drop in voltage over time and may need replacement. You can increase the voltage by adjusting the power button clockwise on the power supply but this may be only temporary. A new unit is best to be installed replacing the old unit. Unfortunately, with more and more companies substituting normal components for ‘cheaper and inferior’ Chinese components, this will occur more and more on a regular basis. New power supplies are available from Win n Grin Amusements.