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Add Interest and Income to Your Event with a Win ‘n’ Grin Entertainment Game Hire

So you have an event coming up and you want to maximise participation, fun, income generation and success?

Win ‘n’ Grin can help you get the most out of your functions and events with our highly commended arcade game hire packages. Whether you’re a club manager, networking host, shopping centre manager, trade show or corporate event organiser – we can help to ensure your event is full of fun and profitable.

Club Management – Event or Business – Organisations and Corporate – Conferences and Tradeshows

  • Cater for your club members who have kids and families
  • Entertain guests with added value and attraction to the event
  • Gain supplementary income and event participation

Whatever your business or event, Win ‘n’ Grin entertainment  games will add the extra value, attraction and participation that you’re seeking and of course our games are a proven income generator providing cash in hand.

Our claw machines and arcade games will provide hours of fun for your clients or guests and effortless income for you.

All you have to do is hire your arcade claw game from Win ‘n’ Grin, collect your profit and sit back and watch the fun.

Our Games

Hire or buy Win N Grin arcade claw games, and choose from our popular games below:

  • Chocolate Factory crane
  • Game On Footy crane
  • Craneosaurus prize every time crane
  • You Choose crane
  • Plush Toy crane
  • Players Choice crane
  • Cyclone

Grab the Attention with Win ‘n’ Grin Games!

To speak to one of our sales or hire specialists and to Book Your Win ‘n’ Grin entertainment machine for your special event, call us directly on 07 5563 1800. We’re here to help.

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