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Buying cheap imported Crane games may be a cost saving method for an operator, but from talking to experienced operators you may be giving yourself and the site undue stress and lack of income. Win n Grin have founded their name on the highest quality and best performing games we can manufacture. We have been told: · Regular service calls to imported cranes is not only costing an operator time and money, but whilst the crane is out of order, no income can be received until it is fixed. This may take several trips per week/month and is costing income and getting customers and site owners off side due to having a game out of order.

  • Performance of cheaper alternatives is generally poor and a customer may not return for more games if the game is deemed faulty.
  • Game presentation is very poor with decals that fade and mark easily and cabinets that in time look a lot older than they actually are. Presentation of a complete game is of the utmost importance for a customer to keep coming back to play again, as well as game performance to give the customer value for money
  • A lot of imports are electrically suspect of Australian electrical compliance and have under rated wiring as well as wrong coloured wiring and components. Something the government sees as OK as importing games are to be accepted (so we are told) as long as they are deemed Ok in land of manufacture due to free trade agreements (lets us down again!). This also included units with imported air conditioner/refrigeration units that have not been declared by the importer and may have dangerous gases in the units that may cause issues whilst in operation on site.
  • Company backup for technical assistance with a majority of imported cranes is limited if not available at all.
  • Resale value of the cheap imported cranes is next to nothing.

Win n Grin strive to make the crane a total package of presentation, reliability and performance and are always available for service issues and assistance. With some 6000+ cranes in operation, we field on average about 4 calls per day with service issues, most of which are resolved in the initial phone call. Our cranes are recognised as being the best in the market with customers recognising that the Win n Grin product gives them high game satisfaction and the reliability giving site owners less issues to deal with.